The other week I was lucky enough to visit the W29 showroom (thanks Amelia) to preview the designers new Fall Winter 2010 collections.
There were a lot of amazing brands but the one that stood out the most was Eternal Child. Based in Istanbul they are mostly know for their innovative knits... and believe me they are the masters of oversizeness too!!! I love the loose distress in the knits and the loose yarns at the hem just adds even more length (see below picture) AND I'm such a fan of their huge graphic prints!! (see illustration 1)
I sketched out three of their silhouettes from what I saw that day and their lookbook!!....and I tried on my favorite piece below:










Necklace: Vintage (Beacons)
Blouse: Vintage
Cardigan: Ralph Lauren (Bought on Bedford ave for $5 SCORE)
Boots: Vintage
Bracelets: Mix of H&M/Vintage
Rings: Artist and Fleas Market (Churoncalla) (Etsy Store)
Clutch: Own design

I really must find a new print or something to obsess over but I just can't seem to stop loving leopard print. Everytime I go shopping there are two things I wont let myself buy BLACK or LEOPARD PRINT sniff :(... because I have waaaayyy too much of them both!!

I visited the Artists and Fleas Market again this weekend in Williamsburg... God I love that place! And had a chat with Fred from the Churoncalla stand... he's so lovely and he makes my favourite fork and spoon ring that I always wear..... and the polished heart stone ring (in the picture) is the new addition I got this weekend! :)

Happy Monday!!




On Friday after work Karen and I met up and went for a bit of vintage shopping. I didn't end up buying anything (yes I was shocked too) but I must say I was incredibly inspired... which drove me to start some vintage inspired designs (above).
As you can see I have a thing for Rompers right now! big clunky jewelry and I'm also on the hunt for a belt with an awesome massive gold buckle... yes I know I'm not asking for much!

This weekend I was rammed with big fat clutch orders... well when I say rammed I mean 3, but I finished and I feel awfully productive and good about myself :D
OH and I also had some fun dripping pink fluorescent paint into my sketchbook ...bye bye!




The sketch above is just one of the designs I've been working on to add to the stack... also I designed a different version of the clutch changing it to an padded envelope and adding friiiiinge... so I might try that shape instead.

So for those of you who follow me on twitter will already know I plan to make the clutch in sea green (sorta like the MINT CANDIE APPLE polish I never take off).
I found this absolutely GORGEOUS lamb skin (below) in the exact color that I wanted... I'm so excited to see how it will turn out!!!
But I have a lot of bags to sew for customers after I finish this post so this will have to wait till after!!

I also added a SKETCH BOOK link to the side bar where all of my "sketch" related posts are linked.
OK well I'm off to do some sweat shop labor!









Jacket: Primark
Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Vintage/Borrowed
Bracelets: Vintage/H&M
Necklaces: Vintage (Beacons) H&M/ RiverIsland
Bag: Thrifted Coach
Lips: Kat Von D A GO GO
Nail polish: Essie MINT CANDIE APPLE

So every lunch time my co-workers and I sorta time our lunch around whenever the sun appears!
We see the sun poke it's head around the clouds and it's all systems GO GO GO !!!!
I know I go on.... but I cannot wait till the sun is a permanent fixture in my life. I was just saying today I have all of my spring jumpers/rompers/skirts laid out in a line in my bedroom just waiting to be worn...any day now!!!

In other news... the other night I was invited to the Hudson after hours event showcasing their spring/summer 2010 Capsule Collections. It was very cool to meet the designer Ben Taverniti and also meet some old and new faces :)

Below is a giff I made of my favorite jean at the show!! I love the fact that it looks more like a piece of art than a pair of jeans...with all the patchworkand hardware not to mention that the washes are perfect!! they made me happy!!
There was also another awesome pair with the zipper going up the back of the leg, I had seen it before but I still love them!! very cute detail!




Jacket: Vintage YSL
Hat: Urban Outfitters
Jumper: Forever 21
Belt: TopShop
Shoes: Vintage (borrowed from beautiful Karlie)
Sunglasses: St Marks . east village
Envelope clutch: Vintage
Lipstick: Kat Von D A GO GO
Necklace: Camden Market/H&M/Vintage
Rings: Artists and Fleas Market/ Various

So on Sunday, like the rest of New York, I was not feeling too well. But my roomate Karlie managed to convince me to go shopping, well to be honest there wasn't really a lot of convincing involved.. it went like this:

Karlie: Wanna go shopping?
Me: I'm sick.....OK

I bought this envelope clutch that day which I believe I am in love with, amongst other goodies which I'm sure you will see later!



Blouse: Vintage (Beacons)
Belt: TopShop
Trousers: H&M
Boots: New Look
Necklaces: Camden Market/ Vintage
Zebra Ring: RiverIsland
Lipstick: Kat Von D A GO GO
Nail Polish: Essie MINT CANDIE APPLE

So let me tell you something I am a little obsessed with straightening my hair after I received this flat iron, NO correction amaaaazing flat iron from Misikko. I feel oh so very grown up and sophisticated (and if you know me you know that I'm ..er.. the opposite!!)
It's very difficult for me to straighten my hair because there's a bloody lot of it... So this was awesome...  1 2 3 and I'm done...out the door!! YAY!!

Also, as you guys that follow me on twitter may know, I recently made the big fat clutch in an awesome cobalt blue in faux suede, and here's a sneaky peek below. If anyone is interested in purchasing a bag please email me :)
I'm currently doing orders for Black and Cobalt and currently looking for the perfect fabric to make the clutch in a sea green leather to match the Essie "Mint Candie Apple" polish!! OH SHIT! 

Happy Friday :D

(picture taken by Jen Sosa)



Oversized Top: Hellz Bellz
Necklaces: Camden Market
Leather Bracelets: Market in Puerto Rico
Lipstick: Kat Von D "A GO GO"

Heres's another awesome top from the lovely Hellz Bellz (Thank you!) The cut and sew detail is fabulous and I love the neon zipper detail at the side!!

Also just a heads up I' ll be going to a couple of Art/Photography shows on Thursday showcasing my friends Artwork and Photogrpahy! If you are in the area you should come by!! My friends are awesome!! ;)



Tee Shirt: Hellz Bellz
Blazer: Salvation Army
Jeans: Primark
Rings: Various
Necklaces: Beacons Closet/Camden Market
Glasses: Legre
Lipstick: Kat Von D "BACKSTAGE BAMBI"
Nail polish: Essie "MINT CANDIE APPLE"

This is the Hellz Bellz tribute tee to McQueen "LONG LIVE MCQUEEN". When I saw it on their site I had to get my own. I'm a big lover of anything oversized so this is perfect for me :) Get your own here.

Can't stop wearing the hat right now, probably has something to do with this bloody rain that never stops... sheeeesshhh. But apparently tomorrow it will stop... yeah whatever will believe it when I see it!



Hand drawn by Blusterone and Save.

Floor length Dress: Forever 21
Jewelery: Various

Last night we all braved the monsoon (ok exaggeration but it was wet) and went to James's (Blusterone) 40th Birthday Party.
Had an awesome evening ending perfectly at 3am with a burrito in San Loco ... 'Nuff said!

At the party James had also given out some gifts (weird seeing as it was his birthday)  
It was a rolled up package consisting of three original artworks (only 31 copies of each were made).
All of them were designed and screen printed by him (one a collaboration with Save). I love all three and they will be framed as soon as possible! Good work boys ;)

Also awesome CAKE was made by our friend Jen Paek... GOOD BLOODY WORK JEN!!

I'm also happy I finally got to use my polished sense little vintage bag for the first time and I love it! Added a great pop of color to my all black ensemble! Thanks Jessica:)