So yesterday I spent an awesome day with Sydney from Pixels Per Inch,
and I had a go at making some pixels myself although I have a slightly different idea in mind. Still working on this idea but here's a little video that shows the start of the making of my little project :)


Jacket: Primark
Lace Shirt: H&M
Leggings: Primark
Boots: Strawberry
Bag: Thrifted Coach

I missed project runway on Thursday so I'm watching it right now.... God I love this show!
These photos were taken by the lovely James. It Was a rare and nice sunny day so we thought we would go to Bryant Park to take the pictures!
And of course that evening it dropped to freezing temperatures so it didn't last long!
So excited for the weekend!
Have a good one everyone!



Jacket: Primark
Sweater: H&M
Leggings: American Apparel
Boots: Strawberry
Hat: Urban Outfitters

So how are we all today?
I'm so obsessed with this orange lipstick it's crazy.... But now I feel like I have to figure out my next color. I quite like the idea of black and I have seen a pretty sick gold! hmm we shall see! ok shut up Gemma... enough with the lipsticks!

I looove this sweater I bought it about 4 sizes too big... as I do with most things... even before I try them on I always pick up the biggest size I can find! love the slouchy oversized look even if that means I look slouchy and oversized! haha

oh and check the ring in the second to last picture I bought it on a street stall and yes it is a bent fork head! love it!



Miss Lawn (Hellz founder/Creator) with some of the Party Gals!

This girl looks so awesome rocking this garbage dress harness!

Your truely with Miss Lawn, note she also wearing the chainless version of the garbage dress harness! they are so awesome in real life I was debating on getting one before but now after seeing these lovely ladies rocking them I need one for sure!

The lovely Brittany from Hellz! (check her out on the Hellz blog here)

Here with Sydney from Pixels Per Inch!

So last night was lucky enough to go to the Hellz Bellz / Vans Launch!
I've been a fan of them for a long time so to actually finally met them was very exciting!!
Here's a few pictures from the night!
The outfits at the party were insane I wish I had been more focused and taken more pictures but I guess I was too busy drinking :D
I had a great time hanging out with Sydney and meeting all the Hellz Gals!
Thanks for invite Brittany!

And check those Harnesses aren't they sick!?



Shirt: Salvation Army
Tank: H&M
Leggings: Miss Selfridge
Boots: Jeffry Campbell
Necklace: H&M
Rings: Flea Market/M

OK so obviously I'm insane over this new amazing orange lipstick.... I just love the fact that it's just orange.... not a reddy orange just plain orange!

This Lippy is by brand "Kat Von D" and the color is A GOGO I also have a fluro (well in my opinion it is) fuscia pink from the same brand called BACKSTAGE BAMBI, looks similiar to the lipstick I wore here both colors I highly recommend!!
You can see all the colors  here. I don't think the website does the colors any justice so you must try them on.!

Another Brand I am mad about for lipsticks (and also nail varnishes) is Illamasqua (I am eyeing the metallic gold lippy for my next purchase).
Illamasqua (apart from having a really hard to pronounce name) has these amazing "intense lipglosses" which believe me are intense...... Go check them out!



Here are some Sketchbook pages form my University days.
These were my working and inspiration pages for my final collection.
A lot of you have asked me what fashion school I went to, what job I have etc.... so I answered a few of the questions below:

I studied a BA in fashion design at the Creative Institute of Art and Design (UK)
Not long after I graduated I got offered a job in New York as a fashion designer and Illustrator.
Now I'm still in New York working as a menswear Graphic designer (while building my mini empire on the side :))

I also wanted to say that I love each and every one your comments and that they do not go unnoticed!



Jacket: Primark
Tee shirt: 5Preview
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Primark

I noticed lately that I hardly ever wear jeans anymore, I actually only live in leggings and tights... But aren't they so much more forgiving?
You can eat a shit load and still your pants will fit. You don't have that "omg I can't breath" feeling when you first squeeze into newly washed jeans... oh no no leggings and tights will be your friends forever :)

But while thinking about this retarded fact I got my fave jeans out and I fell in love all over again..!



Gold Shirt: Thrifted (Beacons Closet)
Sunglasses: Rocawear
Leggings: American Apparel
Boots: New Look
Jewellery: Various
Lipstick: Maybelline

This Outfit just made me happy the whole day... styled it with my favorite Sunglasses and a leopard mini belt (of course) off I went on my merry way to ... er ... work... haha!

This was another fab find from Beacons Closet in Brooklyn... I fell in love as soon as I saw it poking out from between the racks!
What I love about Beacons is that they separate the clothes by color... So if you want shimmery you must go to shimmery section if you want pink go over to the pink area... and so on... love it! easy for people like me :)

Also I'm excited about this Chictopia Shindig... Should be lots of fun to meet some of you in 3D :)
ciao for now!



Sunglasses: Rocawear (10th Anniversary Collection)
Cardigan: Vintage
Tank: American Apparel
Leggings: American Apparel
Jewellery: Various
Cage Boots: Jeffry Campbell
Bag: Coach thrifted

OK here's the first of the clothes shown in the big pile of crap in the previous post...:)

I absolutely love this cardigan, it's the perfect length and the lurex thread is woven into the fabric not painted as some of these kinds of pieces normally are!

And ....ER say hello to my new favorite boots... I know I'm about 10 seasons behind but when I saw them on the sale the other day they just had to be mine mine mine!... can't wait to wear them more in the Spring :)

I Paired it with the usual red lipstick (cheapo brand from Duane Reade (local Drugstore) by Brucci)... and I was ready to go!



So I on Saturday I met with Karen from wheredidugetthat.
I have to say it's so nice to meet someone as lovely as her in this bloody concrete jungle... where sometimes I find people to be a bit crazy..... so it's so nice to meet someone who is down to earth and who also turns out to an awesome shopping partner! :D

I met Karen in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) so of course our first priority was to shop.
Found an absolutely amazing amount of bargains at Beacon's closet...(Shown above in a big pile)
I really love how these images turned out.... even if it is just a jumble of second hand clothes.....
It was only after I had bought all the clothes and put them in the shopping bag is when I realized there was a theme forming.... lots of sequins, gold and leopard print OH MY!

I'll prob be wearing all of this in the week to come so you can see them in their full glory!!!
Check out Karen's blog here to see what she bought!!



Here's basically a sketch of what I want to be wearing... Yes I cannot have it or afford it therefore I shall draw it and dream of it :)

1. one needs a drapey fur jacket... yes fur, yes drapey so will have to be lightweight! maybe with a contrast fabric for the sleeves! yummy!
2. one also wants some wet look leggings w/biker seaming detail and
3. one then needs a chiffon oversized top w/delicious bead detail and sheer cutouts!(strategically placed of course ;)

That's all haha!

Had a great day shopping today... and saw Mischa Barton in my local coffee shop!?
I felt very hollywood!

This is my graphic inspiration board at work.
I find most of these on my fave graphic or art inspiration website www.ffffound.com or in Magazines.
Whenever I find anything I love it goes up on my wall, helps me to think and also gives me something pretty to look at :).

(sources: Dazed digital, ffffound, 5preview, wgsn)