So Hellz Bellz has done it again!
This is bloody hot shit!

I love the leather harem pants w/ the projectesc tee and fur vest.
But of course the best part is the styling and photography...very strong images and of course no bellz lady is complete without her matte blk lippy duh!
Maybe Ill try it... might look like a tranny tho... hmm well see.....

Reminds me of these illustrations I recently created to display these tank designs I had done for a freelance gig......

pretty friggin similiar....



This is the new display room for our tee shirts at work.
(pictures taken by Jen Sosa)

The tees are wrapped around square blocks of different dimensions and in frames for a different aesthetic than just simply sticking the tees on a wall.
Most of the tees were designed by James and myself, I designed the large and strange head graphic for the wall.
Its nice to be able to have a our meetings in here now. LOVE it! and very proud to be a part of it.