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There have been a few requests that I film one of my sketches. So here it is. 
This sketch is actually taken from a look from the Cushnie at Ochs show, which was also definitely one of my favorites (see the whole collection here).
Here's a better resolution of the final illustration below:

Also I wanted to say a massive thank you to weardrobe for making me blogger of the moment see banner here

Today is a very sketchy post you might say,
Here are some more I made earlier sketched out in ball point pen.......



Sunglasses: Rocawear
Blouse: Vintage (Beacons Closet)
Medallion: (my new obsession) Vintage from Beacons
Pants: H&M
Boots: New Look

Please meet my new favorite necklace... I love that the chain is short and that the pendant is huge, So I am now looking for this proportion everywhere. 
It also seems my new fave medallion has two frolicking men on it haha!
I did see some awesome medallions that would be so perfect for the Summer in TopShop, but I can't see myself paying $40 for a necklace... hmm ... but I do really like it :D

Took these pictures on Sunday in McCarren park, Willimasburg. This was when there was still a little sunlight still left to be seen... But as all you living in New York know the snow is coming back again WTF BRO!!!!

Also check out Valencia from ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVE she's rockin one of fadetoblack's big fat clutches and looking so awesome!!



Blazer: Hellz Bellz
Top: Layered Vintage
Hat: H&M
Leggings: Miss Selfridges
Boots: Jeffery Cambell
Nails: Essie - "bright tights"
Jewellery: Various

Ok first of all I want to say how much I looove this blazer from Hellz Bellz.
Apart from being Made from Jersey it has these black panels which sets it apart from all the other million blazers out there! Also Cannot wait to see their new Spring 2010 line!!

And also can we just talk about my new favorite lip color for a sec?
It's an intense lipgloss made by illamasqua - color name: FIERCE! Still in love with my orange lippy of course but I love to spice it up a bit ! ;)



Cardigan: Beacons closet
Shirt: H&M
Socks: American Apparel
Bag: Thrifted Coach
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: H&M
Jewellery: Artists and Fleas Market, Vintage, H&M
Lipstick: Kat Von D "A GO GO"

So today was an unusually sunny day for New York, which is rare so when one comes along I get happy :)! I'm so not a winter person and I need the sun. I cannot wait for Spring to start because that means I'm one season closer to Summer... YAY!

So my new obsession now is CHUNKY MEDALLION NECKLACES!!!.... gold/silver doesn't matter and I like them with a short and chunky chain.... I found an awesome one in Beacons on Saturday but of course I'm still on the hunt for more :)




Trousers: H&M
Belt: TopShop
Top: Zara
Cardigan: Vintage
Hat: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Nail color: Urban Outfitters
Lip color: Kat Von D "Backstage Bambi"

Wednesday night I was lucky enough to go to the Kate Spade store in soho where Rebecca Ward had made this awesome instalation of neon pink and yellow tape.
See here pictures here.
The outfit above is what I wore that night!! 
If anyone knows me they know I love neon pink!! still trying to find the perfect pink lip shade but the backstage Bambi is pretty good :)

What I loved most about this event was that we had arts and crafts to play with YAY!.
There were rolls upon rolls of the neon tape that you could use to decorate these little kate spade books that they gave out!

Here's a silly video of me conjuring up a ring out of tape. HA!
(MUSIC: Florence+the machine - "kiss with a fist")

I chose my signature lips hehe!! one day I will find a color bright enough to match this tape!!



That was my reply to Nicole's email when I saw this attached image!
I love the way she mixed in type with the image!
I really have no other words except curse words, so I'll stop writing and you guys go check out her blog and portfolio!



During this glorious and exciting time that is NYFW, I was lucky enough to see the Malandrino Presentation. I have to say it was incredible.
I was so inspired by the whole collection especially the silhouettes, so much so I wanted to illustrate my favourite looks.

For the full collection please click here.

NOTE: these illustrations are only my depiction of the Malandrino collection and do not claim to be exact replicas!

And today I was very excited to see the collections at the Antwerp presentation.
And there we saw these amazing glasses by LENNY LELEU
Her collection was really interesting and I need to buy some of her pieces immediately.
It consisted of deconstructed T shirts with interlayed corsets and bodices and colorful screen prints. See her Site for pictures!!



Whats better than saying I <3 you than with Leopard print, tile and neon pink paint?



Dress: Vintage - Beacons closet
Jacket: Salvation army
Boots: Aldo
Nails: Essie neon orange (but looks weirdly yellow in these pictures haha)
Lips: Kat Von D "A GO GO"

These shots were taken at the FASHION 2.0 SOCIAL MEDIA AWARDS I finally got to wear my lovely Sequined open back dress... which I bought a while back....
It was originally a lot longer so I had to chop and hem it, and also take it in at the sides... So now I have leftover gold sequin fabric WOOHOO ... already started a DIY with it so I will post that soon :)
It turned out to be a really fun night and I met a few people in 3D which I love..... it's always nice to put a 3D face to a virtual person right ? haha.

Also went to see the Mik Cire show last night at the promenade in Bryant park which was awesome! I was invited by the lovely Christine from Christeric.

(sorry for the re-post... had the wrong link for Christeric... check out her blog... pretty dam awesome)

Happy Friday everyone!!




Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to a Pucca Launch party @Curve.
I went with the lovely Karen from wheredidugetthat .
The clothes were pretty awesome. The jacket with the cutout back was my favourite!
And they had some crazy necklaces that I wanted to steal but I couldn't fit them in my bag.. oh well!!....
I also love this distressed sequinned top this lovely lady was rocking!!
Also a few candid shots for your viewing pleasure!
Also bumped into Krystal - whatisrealityanyway and the awesome lady behind theglamourai.
If you haven't checked their blogs out already you SHOULD!!

Also check out my interview with Brittany from Hellz Bellz here.
Mucho LOVE to Brittany and the Hellz crew MUAH!!


Blazer: H&M
Shirt: H&M
Mini Skirt: H&M
Boots Strawberry
Hat: H&M
Jewellery: Various
Nail polish: Mint candy apple by Essie
Lipstick: A GO-GO by Kat Von D

So yes here I am in my stairwell again!
I got this blazer for super cheap in the H&M sale a couple of days ago... was a very happy time for me :)
So I have been doing a lot of DIY today so will be posting that soonish ;)

Cannot wait for NYFW... making some new bags just for the occasion so stay tuned for that ....

I went fabric shopping the other day and here are the goodies I bought....
no who told you I like leopard print!!?? also found some shoulder pads laying around... hmm interesting!