Jacket: Primark
Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Vintage/Borrowed
Bracelets: Vintage/H&M
Necklaces: Vintage (Beacons) H&M/ RiverIsland
Bag: Thrifted Coach
Lips: Kat Von D A GO GO
Nail polish: Essie MINT CANDIE APPLE

So every lunch time my co-workers and I sorta time our lunch around whenever the sun appears!
We see the sun poke it's head around the clouds and it's all systems GO GO GO !!!!
I know I go on.... but I cannot wait till the sun is a permanent fixture in my life. I was just saying today I have all of my spring jumpers/rompers/skirts laid out in a line in my bedroom just waiting to be worn...any day now!!!

In other news... the other night I was invited to the Hudson after hours event showcasing their spring/summer 2010 Capsule Collections. It was very cool to meet the designer Ben Taverniti and also meet some old and new faces :)

Below is a giff I made of my favorite jean at the show!! I love the fact that it looks more like a piece of art than a pair of jeans...with all the patchworkand hardware not to mention that the washes are perfect!! they made me happy!!
There was also another awesome pair with the zipper going up the back of the leg, I had seen it before but I still love them!! very cute detail!



Unknown said...

hey you look great in your pictures...love your glasses and your shoes....and I am soo anxious to bust out my romper and SPRINGY clothes too lol....I have to say that those patchworked jeans are really cool...I want a pair!!

Unknown said...

I am really digging the silhouette of knee/thigh highs with dresses and this outfit post is just fueling the fire! Great coat as well, and those jeans are pretty sweet. Congrats on the opportunity!

the contemporary ingenue

xoxo E&L

Vinda Sonata said...

wow, you really have such a cool life! meeting a designer seems cool.
anyway, gorgeous as always. love your style!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Yes... Loving this outfit!! Those boots are wonderful... and great touch with the hat and glasses. Adorable!!


John Bernal said...

I like your hat! I really need to get my teeth into some cool accessories.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking you look to rugged up for the sun in this pic and then I read the text. Its autumn and a sunny 34 degrees celcius here.

You look fab by the way!

Anna said...

I adore the hat + glasses!


Unknown said...

you lucky girl.. where do you work?


Rock Couture said...

I love the pics....Especially when your lippie stands out!

Anonymous said...

i like your dress. very creative with the gif!

E said...

love those high socks and the dress!


Robyn said...

Your dress and thigh highs are perfect, and you've really mastered the mix with that jewelry! Those jeans are intriguing; I love all the different pockets and panels.


MELISSA Z. said...

Great look! Love it! wooooooow!


Melly said...

beautiful outfit. :)

Unknown said...

knee socks... yeah!

Anonymous said...

amazing clothes!

The Queen of Hearts said...

I need a pair of Huds.

The Sound of Lace said...

oooh those jeans are awesome...i wonder when they will be out?
lovin your hat!!


That Girl Lucy said...

gorgeous outfit! i love all your jewelry and those super cute boots :)

Annachiara Savio said...

ohhh wow...you're faavolous darling!!! Loove that dress...and AMAZING JEWELLERY!!!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

faboulous look! love those shoes. and the weather, must be warm there. :)

Kookie B. said...

this is such a great vintage look! i just noticed that my Topshop flat boots looks very similar to yours...except yours are vintage which makes them all the more "cooler"!


Unknown said...

Very Cute dress!

x Josie

Camilla said...

i totaly LOVE that dress on you, just finished some designs, come check them out, and please post more of your designs! :) I simply love them x


MyStrawberryCocktail said...

you look so GOOD! love it! your jewelery in this post is amazing!!!

6roove said...

nice dress!
cool outfit, i like it :)

stylespotterfashionblogger said...

Love the hat and glasses combo!

Couture said...

I like your outfit!


Susu Paris Chic said...

Lunching at sunny spots... I say yes! More sunlight definitely is a booster. Staying true to your styles... a pleasure to see and an inspiration to the heart.

Velvet Rose said...

lovely dress!

daisychain said...

that dress is wonderful

Unknown said...

ooo my.. i love your dress i wish i had it too =/
and the combination with your socks makes your outfit great !!!! love it

Sasha B. said...

totally diggin those jeans.. and i love your dress and how you wore knee highs instead of tights.. cuteee

Unknown said...

love this look! you look great!
x rona & breshna

Silvia Couture said...

great silver cuffs and shoes! much love from Atlanta =)


Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

always love your look...:D
i'm looking forward to spring outfit from you...can't wait!

♥ bags of love giveaway | vanilla ice cream ♥

Unknown said...

you have the best style


Anonymous said...

ooh love those knee-high socks and the hat!!

Rand T said...

ooooh so lovely!:)

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

another gorgeous outfits - and I love your collection of hats :)



Lexi Colby said...

i love your outfits! so hipsterr and beautiful it's great!

lehappy said...

I love your style!!! ♥

lehappy said...

I love your style!!! ♥

Glowing Doll said...

Love all of your blog pics (just had a snoop) they are very Juergen Teller.

Niky Casadei said...

Love this outfit very much.
You're so vintage.


tdw said...

Amazing blog, i love your style, you rock.

Kisses from France

Birgitte said...

Amazing pictures and outfit!

Xoxo Birgitte


Lianne said...

I have shoes just like them, but they arent vintage,jeacous of yours!

Milly. said...

I love all the awesome stuff you put on your blog like the moving image above! I suck at creating that kind of thing...

That's awesome you went to that event, hope you had a good time.
And I'm incredibly jealous of any bit of sun you get...it's raining/hailing/snowing?! (up North) here...bleurgh x

the goorgeous said...

looove loove loove that dress :)