Romper: Courtesy of Under.ligne (Doo.ri)
Tights: Duane Reade
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Necklaces: Mix of H&M/Camden Market
Bracelets: Mix of H&M/Vintage/Market
Rings: Churoncalla

FINALLY!! I was able to wear this absolutely fab romper by Under.ligne. Been waiting for the weather to change (of course) to wear it. 
It's Made out of the most comfy fabric ever!! absolutely Gorge! I was so comfy all day :D

Another thing I was impressed by, other than her clothing, was the presentation of Doo.Ri's lookbook! I'm loving the way it's so clean and simple and has the feel of being like an artists sketchbook... totally down my alley! (see look book here)
What can I say? I was inspired as you can see ... :)


Arielle Noa said...

love this! so cute. and love your blog! you're beyond talented!!


leflassh. said...

you look so beautiful!
i love your hair.
+ the romper & those shoes look so awesome.

Theresa said...

You look gorgeous and I love that romper on you!
Ugh, I can't wait til my hair grows out that length. Your hair always looks amazing!

Nevalicious07 said...

Totally fab shoes & romper- love it. Follow me! http://verveocity.blogspot.com/

Daphne said...

wait, wait, wait. There is NO WAY you wore this today without freezing your arse off. It felt like November today! Anyway I love it. I need some new rompers for this summer's romping. And your hair-sigh!

Eli said...

cute cute! this DooRi stuff is starting to look very appealing!

Emm said...

You look amazing in that first photo gem! Seriously your eyes are so cool, jealous.

Love the romper, i want one!


Anonymous said...

these pics are so great! you look lovely!



Tari said...


Anonymous said...

love the dripping effect, and your bangles.

Bella Luna said...

Gotta love the rompers!
I have like six and I keep buying them because they are so simple and comfortable. Plus you look fab in them!
Love the pumps as well chick!
Come visit my page sometime!

Kasia W. said...

cute romper!


miriam said...

this looks great on you! beautiful hair xx

The Sound of Lace said...

oooh i likes....the shoulders are so cute.


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures, and your style is so fierce here:)

Anonymous said...

wow, love your romper and shoes. it looks great together.

soph // and other things said...

Ah I love a good romper. Yours looks fantastic!

Annachiara Savio said...

wow darling...amazing outfit,as always...and favolous pictures!!!Loooove these *_*

Susu Paris Chic said...

I popped over for my inspiration dose and realized that you are wearing a romper... so am I today. Mine is army green hued. Silky. Comfy and fashionable. Just like yours.

Melly said...

Amazing pics. I love your outfit. :)

Bub said...

you are so gorgeous! i love your hair.
also loving the romper and the shoes!

Unknown said...

I love the romper looks gorgeous on you!

perri anne said...

your amazing! how did you get the dripping effect?

blackecstasy said...

love ur booties! perfecto
yudia aiiu

Andrea said...

Looks amazing..love the Shoes :)

anete (: said...

oh my god i love the look. its exactly how i like women to dress. its so effortless and sexy :D i wish i could pull it off :)

skadiida said...

beautiful (:

Lindstyle said...

lovelove the JC wedges. they're so hot!

xo Lindsey

Anonymous said...

love it. & congrats on the feature below. x

Fashion By He said...

love the jumper, why are you so sexy"? love your style!!!

-He approves


Cindy Van Dyck said...

Hay dear!
How are you?
It's my first visit on your blog and he's really nice! You have such a great style!

It would be nice of you, if you check my blog too! And maybe we can follow eachother?
Let me know!

Love, Cindy.

thehautepursuit said...

hi hi hi hi! I love rompers in general. they are pretty awesome. great for those hot summer nights or even on chillier days with stockings! and very cooool effect u did with your photos!!!!!

the goorgeous said...

that jumpsuit is killer!

Anonymous said...

PLEASEEE share how you do your hair. it always looks soo amazing!!!

Chiffon Dreams said...

I love Doo. Ri's secondary line Under.Ligne. I think she just understands womens' bodies and what they feel comfortable in so well!

stop by my blogs!

Camilla said...

Fabulous editing.
It ties in with 'Fade to black' a bit.
Me likey much.

fabulous outfit, but that goes without saying now.


Anonymous said...

You're sooo gorgeous! xxx

Luna said...

Love this outfit, very simple yet cute.
still loving the Jeffrey Campbell wedges ;)

Theory of a fashion victim

Ddays Of Our Lives said...

Love your leopard wedges, just great!

VerseaStyle said...

I swear your blog is getting hotter and hotter! Your hair and makeup look beautiful! Congrats on the spread below. I had no luck finding such a cute romper this past weekend :( BUT I have one coming!

Anonymous said...

You just reminded me...I need new leopard shoes.

I have been rockin' a ton of bangles too. I'm averaging 8 bracelets an arm.

How is my clutch coming along...no presure. xo Mish

jade said...

that romper is amazing! im having fun reading your bog - is it strange that i could tell you were english through your writing? im so jealous of you getting to live in NY though, london doesn't quite compare!


Brooke said...

Ooooo, loving the dripping effect.


Victoria said...

!!!!!! Love itt

Grace said...

Agreed, great look book.

And great romper.

Love Grace.

Anonymous said...

love doo ri! i agree that her aesthetic is more towards being being and plain, but there is obviously nothing wrong with that. also love demi lee who's not as well known but its legit because barneys carries it. haha

Unknown said...

I am just besotted with your boots <3

Anonymous said...

i saw you on lookbook and i love your style! its so so so cute!! i was wondering how you got on lookbook? ive applied but havent heard a response :( id love it if you had some tips?(thanks) haha well love the style! thanks :)

Fashion Pirate said...

Love this playsuit and those wedges. Very rarely do i come across a blog that i can't stop reading.
Yours is like a book that i just cannot put down!