Hat: Urban Outfitters
Sweater: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Wooden Mules: Ebay
Rings: Churoncalla/H&M
Necklaces: Mix Camden Market
Bag: Vintage
Glasses: Legre
Nail Polish: Essie MINT CANDIE APPLE

So last night I went to meet up with the guys from Beacons Closet to prepare for something FUN (more about that to come soon!) And my roomate took these pictures on the walk home!

Oh and if you follow me on twitter you might remember me bitching about not winning on Ebay... well I finally did and these are the wooden Mules that I won... LOVE them!
Although with vintage clog/mules I find a few of them don't have any padding and I can see these bad boys hurting after a long day so I may have to take them to a shoe genius and have padding put in them... lets see!


Bella said...

nice bag, ugh I never win on ebay. I always start doing something else and forget that the auctions about to end. x

Andrea said...

Great Outfit!
Love the Sweater and the Shoes :))

shoeless simone said...

Those shoes are AMAZING! Great ebay buy. And I love your purse, the color is such a nice pop

-Shoeless Simone

Song of Style said...

those jeans and top... i wouldn't have it another way.. me loves it! <3

Kasia W. said...

nice jeans!


Annachiara Savio said...

wow darling...i totally LOVE your style and you!!! *_* you're always faantastic!!! amazing outfit!!

glee said...

talking about tattered jeans, I remembere dmy friend who makes creative home made tattered.

Your outfit rocks girl. I love how the bag and the shoes matched perfectly.

p.s. would you like to exchange links with my blog
Creative Fashion?

Ring My Bell said...


jb said...

Loving this look!
Such a good idea to get the shoes on ebay!
xx jb


Mila said...

You look so chic :*

Anonymous said...

haha love beacons closet. got the best camera bag there for like $10. they also have a wicked amount of cool guy shirtss

Berta said...


Magali said...

Love and miss beacons closet! Love your outfit, very cool :)


Lorena said...

If you can get padding put in you totally should, it makes such a huge difference in how wearable a pair of shoes can be! If they're more comfortable you will wear them more so it would definitely be worth the money. Nice jeans too, great fit on you!


Unknown said...

great bag and love your wasted jeans =)

Unknown said...

great bag and love your wasted jeans =)

Unknown said...

great bag and love your wasted jeans =)

Unknown said...

great bag and love your wasted jeans =)

Milly. said...

Oo the work with Beacons Closet sounds rather exciting!
LOVE the ripped jeans + mules. And still can't get over that nail polish. Damnit...I think you're going to force me to buy it out right, aha x

the style crusader said...

i'm seriously loving everything about this outfit: the jumper, the bag, those perfectly looking worn out jeans, the hat, the jewelry, the nail polish, and those shoes - seriously, seriously - love it. have got some swedish clogs headed my way and i totally can not wait for them to arrive.

p.s. i just became your 1,000th follower. whoop whoop.

stylespotterfashionblogger said...

Very Very NICE! Love the shoes and the satchel!

Bub said...

hey there, congrats on hitting 1000(3) subscribers as well as 100 posts! hahah love the outfit dear
come stop by some time

Lexi Colby said...

i like your outfit :) you have such pretty hair!

Birgitte said...

Looove the pictures!
The clothes are amazing
Nice bag, ring and pants!

Xoxo Birgitte


Carina Joana said...

Awesome, as always!

Chiffon Dreams said...

You always have the most amazing acessories!

stop by my blogs!

brunchatthebeach said...

You make everything look good! Congrats on those clogs. They're perfect.

-Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

Amanda Lalique said...

cute laid back comfy style.. love your rings.. those make the outfit with the shoes!


Couture said...

Nice bag!

Time and Space Traveler said...

Love your shoes and bag!


ediot said...

L O V E this outfit. and the photos are stunning too! greatness blog. i love coming here.
have an wonderful weekend

xx ediot

chloet said...

love your style..
those shoes are amazing, clog clog clogs!


Unknown said...

Those Mules are great. Nive outfit again!

raita 2 said...

how can you always be so stunning????


daisychain said...

stealing your shoes and jeans right now.

Anonymous said...

love love love your yellow purse!



Unknown said...

that purse is freakin awesome!! love that it is yellow!

pin-upapple said...

I love your shoes and your bag !!

A Stylized Hysteria said...

What's that? You're going to send me that awesome, awesome bag? Oh, you are too kind. Thank you! :P

You look super cute!

Mia and Carin said...

your outfit is gorgeous!

Neysa Bové said...

that is a pretty sweet outfit! I love the entire combo! <3 -NB

Unknown said...

oooooooo super cute bag!!!!!


jess said...

love the shooooooesssss

jp xx

Unknown said...

I LOVE YOUR STYLE! Great photos!!

Thanks for the inspiration:)
xo Kristin


Carrie Michael said...

that second image is GORGEOUS.

xo, carrie


SO. said...

god, i love your shoes!!!

Ma princesse de pĂȘches said...

Great outfit ... in love with that hat!
xx. Peach Princess ♥

the goorgeous said...

loove your ring!

closet obsessions said...

i love this look. <3


Unknown said...

smooth outfit!

Fashion Pirate said...

Ok i have commented on your blog way too many times now but i just had to say, i'm kicking myself for not buying that H&M top.
Love your bag too x