Being somewhat of a print designer myself I really appreciate this brand Ostwald Helgason
really wonderful use of print techniques and color.
Would absolutely love a big drapey version of one of these to wear with some sort of skinnies.
What's weird is that I actually prefer the pictures on the hangers. The look book on the website (ostwald helgason) doesn't impress me that much. I don't find it very impactful and with all the amazing photography happening these days you have to step it up if you want to make an impression.

But I still love the clothes and I'm glad I saw the trade show shots first!


Mila said...

GREAT shirts!

cocorosa said...

yeah, I love those first two pieces, Im gonna check out the website now... prob unaffordable,no?

fadetoblack said...

they stock at opening ceremony! so im guessing a big fat YES! haha

Tayler Worrell said...

ooh i love these, great blog <3

Anonymous said...

Love the prints and the big drapey style.
I saw the lookbook and I wasn't quite impress with it compare seeing it on hangers.

Awesome blog!