Shirt: H&M
Tank: H&M
Shorts: Vintage
Clogs: Thrifted Juicy Couture
Bag: Vintage
Sunglasses: St Marks
Necklaces: H&M/Camden Market
Rings: H&M/Churoncalla
Nail Polish: Essie MINT CANDIE APPLE

Just realized I am wearing mucho H&M today in these photos...and also I need a tan like right now.. !!
So I found the flares of my dreams today and you will see why when I post them... I found the little devils in Buffalo exchange, while helping my roomate look for a skirt ..ahem....
Realizing that they were a tad long (you can always tell a good flare/bell bottoms when they are loooooong) I pinned them up to hem them, got the bastards in my machine and, of course my needle broke!! But I was so dead set on wearing them tomorrow that I sewed them by hand while watching spiderman 2 or 3 (have no idea which one it was).... So I get to wear them tomorrow! YAAAYYYYY!!

Happy CincoDeMayo!


Bub said...

I absolutely love what your wearing! your style is sooo great!

Unknown said...

Love the layered crosses and your bag. :)

Lainey said...

Love the sheerness of the blouse. It's amazing how well you accessorize around an outfit.

Anna said...

I love the sheerness!


Suri May said...

haha pretty intent on those flares i see. can't wait to see them! love the sheer blouse and all the necklaces!

FashionHippieLoves said...

lovely blouse!



love the sheer top and H&M!! How I miss NYC. I want to see your clogs!


soph // and other things said...

You always have killer jewellery! Can't wait to see the flares.

Unknown said...


haha love your dedication towards your future planned outfits, i tend to be the same way myself!

the contemporary ingenue

xoxo E&L

Gilbert Ganda said...

thats great!
I love your aviators!
+tons of necklaces :)


Unknown said...

Hearing you on the flares....roll on that post. Love the sheer blouse--heavenly.

Martha said...

Love love love the silk trousers. I'm really feeling them right now -- easy summer dressing :)

Martha said...

Looove the sheer top
I wish we had some beautiful sunshine here :(

Bohemian said...

Great outfit & I adore you necklace with the big stone!!

Annachiara Savio said...

Favolous shirt!!! You're always a dream *_*

leflassh. said...

your jewellery + hair kills me every time.
soooo freaking good.

Jess said...

Oh the things we do in the name of a few items :P looking forward to seeing those flares!

She Wears, She Shares said...

That top is H&M? I Want! Hope it's recent because I will be on the look out for it! Let's see those bellbottoms!

Unknown said...

So cool, I always love your outfit posts!

Domonique Wilson said...

The necklaces are perfection! My hunt for the perfect flare continues.....


angelina said...

i will have this sheer top and i love you. i will go to N.Y.C in august do you have any hot spots for me? :D

Charlotte Elise Jay said...

LOve your outfit

Looks really stylish :)

in love

CHar x

SuzieM said...

i love this mix!!

Laura. said...

I have that shirt in cream, its falling apart already though :/

love the necklace!


Kookie B. said...

this is sheer madness! haha! im crazy over that cross necklace!


Lia said...

I love that shirt and those necklaces are brilliantly mixed :)

ColorHater said...

I always like your pics :)

Your jewelry is great :)

skadiida said...

beautiful outfit ;)

something special - be part of it:


Lindstyle said...

i love the necklaces, especially the one with all the crosses!

xo Lindsey

Suzie said...

luhhh luhhh <3 all of it. the cross necklace is bomb.

6roove said...

this sheer blouse is great!

kisses :)

Carina said...

Your style is everything I crave right now (but lack of job is keeping me from having + weight gain lol). I wore a sheer (and I mean sheer) tshirt yesterday and it was absolutely liberating.

Chiffon Dreams said...

perfect transition from spring to summer weather outfit!

Stop by my blogs!

Minami Takashima said...

I love the way you accessorized your outfit. The jewelry goes so well with the lovely spring blouse!

Ivanka said...

beautiful as always!

Andrea said...

Great Outfit!

Anna Katrina said...

j'adore your top!

Anna Katrina

Amber said...

Amazing outfit!
x amber

pin-upapple said...

I love your outfit and our bag :)

Every Little Counts said...

i am loving the lighting in these photos.

marie said...

beautiful blouse <3

Daphne said...

Love the sheer top. So summery. And I can't wait to see the flares!!

bravegrrl said...

love the blouse and your layered necklace :)


Sarah Whitney said...

Love the mix of necklaces.. especially the one with the crosses. I'm obsessed with them lately!

Anonymous said...

Like your glasses and the jewelry pretty much! ^^

xoxo Sandra

mickey Vin said...

love the outfit..this is inspiration for me too wear a shirt like that that i found in my moms closet..