Glasses: Legre
Top: urban outfitters
Harem pants: Primark
Necklaces: H&M
Rings: Artists and Fleas market in Brooklyn

Here is what i wore today to work, I wore it with little patent black lace up ankle booties (not shown here)
And also I LOVE silver jewellery..... before I was all about gold.
But now I'm all about Silver or mixing!

I love to pile it on and on and on till there is no room for anymore...
Also lots and lots of rings mmmm mmm.....


cocorosa said...

waaaaaa I loveeeeee the photos!!!!! <3 <3 <3 and yes yes to silver :)

Francie. said...

nice to cyberly meet you.--i'm francie. alright. enough with introductions .
i cant believe you have no followers. this is such a trendy blog... and you have gorgeous hair (sorry if i sound stalkerish.)ive been bedridden for the past week and blogging is my outlet.

hope you post again soon.


Francie. said...

oh, and ps. i forgot to say, totes agree with the whole silver thing. i just bought a whole caboodle of silver stuff myself before i got sick.

Patty Ann said...

awesome pictures!!!!!!!! i love that necklace!!!


Anonymous said...

totes agree with you on the jewellery front! pile it on & mix it up. sexy look.
thankyou for your comment.


cupcake♥trash said...

really digging that chunky stud necklace.


raita 2 said...

wow cool photos and i love your outfit! i almost bought that necklace but then i decided not to. should have! haha

Hippie, hippie - milkshake said...

love your necklace....
and your blog. thanx for visiting my blog:)

S said...

wow that's a great necklace! what a cool blog!! and thanks for visiting mine :D

Raez said...

amazing, girl! im loving these pics too, so rad:)
thanks for your sweet comments, i really appreciate them.

ps. you can buy the KJL ring at net-a-porter!

xx raez

R said...

So true! Silver is a girls best friend! Thats a pretty badass necklace, and your sketches are really amazing. I will definitely be back to your blog =)