Here are a few design sketches that I am working on right now...
Of course I am a big fan of the finished and polished product but I also strongly believe that there is a stronger tale to tell in the concept sketch books from the beginning.

The first two pictures are a small collection (preliminary design sketches) that I will hopefully be producing in the near future.

The last 2 are pages (of many) from my recent sketch book to show how I work out my ideas/fabrics.
I always carry a sketch book with me wherever I go and they turn into a sort of fashion diary you could call it..... I write small notes of what I like or don't like or how I can improve etc....

I would love to get some feedback from you all!

I want to try and post my designs/sketches as well as outfit shots as I go along because they are both important to me and I hope that you like them too!! :)


Vinda Sonata said...

wow. you're talented.
i love the studded shoes in pic # 1 and 2, and overall design in pic # 4. i also adore the fabrics in the last pic. good job on the fashion diary. loooove them :)

Anonymous said...

these are yours!?? I'm amazed, you're great!

fadetoblack said...

Thank you for your comments! :)

yeah these are mine! I hope to get them produce very soon!
will post as soon as I get samples in


BattyNora said...

Omg these are seriously stunning...

Great concept (feels to me like a a hybrid of 'utility-robot-luxe' if you have any idea of what i mean), and the identity and strength of the design is really strong and clear-cut! I like how you mixed sloppy and precise elements :)

I love your sketches- i think rough drawings are almost always more interesting that the finished product lol

Hope your samples are made:)

Only 3 comments?!

Natasha Lillipore said...

I'm really falling in love with your art, I love the style you work in and especially the scans of the collages in your sketch book!

Anonymous said...

Your design sketches are truely amazing. you sketchbook itself is really inspiring!

Annabelle Rachael Taylor said...

i love your sketchbook style, actually reminds me of mine a little cause i use masking tape in mine too. ever since i was influenced by sabrina ward harrison (dont know if youve heard of that artist but she has a similar style)

its brilliant cos its like glue but looks so much better. xx