Photos. Karlie

Jacket: Courtesy of Bird by Juicy Couture
Skirt: Courtesy of Bird by Juicy Couture
Top: F21
Boots: Dr Martens
Necklaces: F21
Bracelets/Rings: Various
Bag: Vintage

Thank you Bird for this awesome Jacket and Skirt. I love the Huge ass collar of the Jacket and the oversizeness of it all.

OMG what's up with my knees? is there an exercise you can do to stop them looking like that??
Still drooling over the boots in the post below! now all KG needs to do is make a taller lace-up version with a sheepskin fold over the top... not asking for much am I? Muahahaha



Fashion By He said...

you look always look amazing

-HE approved


cocorosa said...

Woman, there's nothing wrong with your knees! But rumor has it that when you donate all your clothing to me you will get the knees you want :)


oh gosh! you are damn luck! to get those clothes from bird!

pretty alwaysa!

Shhhh said...

Totally digging that crushed velvet skirt right now. Your knees are perfectly normal!


The Sound of Lace said...

ahh soo cute..love that velvet skirt!
i think you knees look fine!

low luv giveaway!

Michelle Elaine said...

The Bird collection is actually realy nice - I checked it out when I viewed Cocorosa's latest post.

Hehe who deosn't love an oversized jacket!?


Ashley said...

LoL, what are you talking about? Your knees look completely normal to me! Of course, maybe I have messed up knees too and I just never noticed?

Loving the Bird by Juicy Couture stuff too! :)


Violetta E. said...

amazing pics

DebbieJ said...

Love the colors in the pictures, and your outfit too off course ;)




pin-upapple said...

As usually, you're very beautiful ! :)

M. said...

awesome photos!!

betsy said...

Loveee the skirt by Juicy!

Style Funkshion said...

The dream catcher necklace is amazing!

thehautepursuit said...

i don't like my knees either. I find the general vicinity to be too lumpy for my liking. I think when i'm rich and famous I'll get a knee lift like Demi Moore. Why can't that fat go elsewhere like my boobs? Always in the most inappropriate place >:O

Kali Venable said...

Juicy was a brand I never thought to highly of but I do like their new line. You wore the skirt and jacket very very well! Adorable!


She Wears, She Shares said...

It's such a smooth operator that skirt. Feelin' velvet for the holidays.

Mark said...

Really nice!

MELISSA Z. said...

this green jacket is totally awesome! wow!


Aimee said...

Really like the Bird items!

Anonymous said...


verseastyle said...

omg the knee comment is cracking me up! LOVE the skirt!!

Nora said...

I really like your style! :)

Alicia said...

I am in LOVE with the velvet skirt!! ah... so amazing. xx

JANE said...

There's nothing wrong with your knees! Then again, I think there's something wrong with my huge kneecaps. Oh well. I think if you don't point out your "flaws" no one ever notices :)

G E N I E said...

I just love your bag!! :D and the color of your blazer/jacket is so cool! :D !!

regards from mexico!