Top: Vintage (Beacons)
High Waisted Trousers: Vintage (Beacons)
Shoes: New Look
Necklace: H&M
Bracelets: Mix H&M/Market 
Ring: H&M
Watch: Target
Bag: Vintage
Nail Polish: Essie MINT CANDIE APPLE 

Crazy how in the last post I'm wearing boots and a woolly hat...and now I'm in a crop top! LOVE IT!!
Tonight I was craving a coconut drink so Karlie and I went on a late eve outing to get some coconuts and smoothies and of course popped into Beacons on the way. 
Took these photos on the way home. Mucho fun!!
I'm actually shocked that I am able to post these seeing that my laptop is being an asshole and on top of that my iphone is being a double asshole... I was cursing Steve Jobs all day!... If you would like to hear more of my complaints on a hourly basis you can follow me on twitter... :D
Anyhoo it's working now so I'll keep my fingers crossed as I click the publish button!


thehautepursuit said...

gemmaaa! i love these bells on you. you look smoking hot. and um coconuts!! nom nom nom :)

Unknown said...

sweet bellz girl. yeah i LOOOOOVE going thrifting and wearing out what you bought. it keep's them guessing! <3

Contact said...

love the jeans <3
polka dots are making their way back


Chiffon Dreams said...

I love that first picture and your hair in it!!

stop by my blogs!

Anonymous said...

I loooove your crop top!

Angela Pluck said...

oh my god the high waited trousers are perfect on you! great find on those and awesome jewelry.

Emm said...

you are tiny! And by tiny i mean thin not short little person.
I wish i had a pair of jeans like these! I really need some high waisted ones


mickey Vin said...

through bac to the 70's

She Wears, She Shares said...

You are so beautiful ALWAYS. I love your face!

Georgia said...

Best coconut drink ever is the innocent smoothie pineapple, coconut and something else (I forget). And man I love the first picture. There's a lot of motion conveyed in that. Symbolism for your energy. Anyway, yeah, I love your flares :)
It would be mine

Sorry, it's just I'm currently studying for English Lit exams..

minkandbird said...

LOVE the jeans! The ring is pretty awesome as well!
Love x

Melly said...

You have beautiful hair. :)

Marine said...

wow... this outfit is AMAZING. I'm totaly in love with your bag... an awesome vintage find! And I'm obsessed with mint and turquoise nail polish right now but I can't find any...
Anyways, your looks are always SICK and your blog rocks :D
Marine / another fucking fashionista

Kasia W. said...

love the shoes!!


Charlotte Elise Jay said...


love love the top and the flares :)

Char x

Camilla said...

Oh yummy, coconuts.
And you look awesome in the bell bottoms Gemma, Just awesome.


Unknown said...

Looking rad, here, Gemma!
Love those jeans + the rings...
Panda xx

VanilahFashion said...

You really have the best style i have ever seen. Thats pretty much all i can say :)

Vanilah xx

Lizzie Prule said...

Woow.. I love that outfit! This top is really gorge.


skadiida said...

beautiful (:

something special - be part of it:


Faye said...

I love this outfit so so much!!!


Cindy Van Dyck said...

Hay dear blogger!
How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! He's lovely.

Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
Love, Cindy.

Anonymous said...

hey gispy girl, love this outfit!! :-) not everyone can wear high pants like this, look great on you!


Carmen said...

Love the jeans with the crop top, gorgeous!


Gilbert Ganda said...

what you are wearing are so simply vintage yet so chic!

aih young coconut! i super love it too!
and your pantsssss! I want it!
boo to me :\ hehe


Anonymous said...

the jeans are amazing on ya!
love it!



Angela DiGiacinto said...

i loveee the bracelets and trousers!!! sweet fit! :)

xx Angela


Andrea said...

Great Outfit! :)

Unknown said...

We were at Beacons yesterday too. Love that place.
Great outfit yet again!

Anonymous said...

the trousers look so good on youu ! X

Unknown said...

love your trousers !!!!!

Georgina said...

Great photos. I love your jeans!

Love G.,

daisychain said...

oh my, your jeans are absolute perfection

FlashFash said...

I can finally see your face! Great boho chic style! Love the shoes and the bag.


Amber said...

Lovely girl!
x amber

iole said...

i love your style!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome first pic!!:)

Sylvia Etc... said...

great look, really fond of the flares + turquoise necklace, great styling as always!


Ashleigh said...

Another Gorgeous Outfit..I Love Your Blog!!


Anonymous said...

diggin' the bagg <3 <3

6roove said...

love the hippi spirit :))

Pennerad said...

so pretty!!!
i love the hair.

Kookie B. said...

those bell bottoms are way too hot! geez, i wonder where i can find me one of those.


Marie a la Mode said...

Those are a rockin' pair of pants! Great photos, too. I love the background!

Becky said...

Awesome pants! These are so fun!

Bijou's Style said...

cutee pics!


Unknown said...

I'm still addicted to that nail polish color too lol


Unknown said...

look gorgeous as usually , love the crop top, showing off the amazing body!! great style

-He approves


Rachel said...

How have I not seen your blog before!!

>>You are PHENOMENAL!<<

Linking you to my blog as my faves!
xx rk

Unknown said...

Lovely polka dots top!!
and your pics are awesome!

Suri May said...

what a fun outfit. love the crop top. and omg....adore that brown bag!

Sleekit said...

Love those dan dares

Sleekit x

Taylor Sterling said...

I am loving the bell bottoms! You look stunning girl!!

Bub said...

I love love love this outfit! Cute crop top, bag and pants!
love the photos

Unknown said...

Love it! It's like an updated version of the hippie outfits.


Neekoh said...

You're amazing! The way you rock the wide legged jeans with the sweet crop top just makes me love fashion all over again. <3


Adele said...

Looking great! And mostly from H&M!
- Adele

Annelie said...

amazing pictures!!!

shoeless simone said...

You have such amazing style and photography. I love the background and the crop top/wide leg jean mix

-Shoeless Simone

ilovecoolthings said...

dude that first shot is AWESOME! LOVE.

muah xoxox

the goorgeous said...

killer outfit! this top it's awesomeee, and it goes perfect with those pants! hippie lovely look! :)

Victoria said...

Awesome outfit, you look greaaat in it ! and sweeet background ! :P

DailyDoseOfAloha said...

i love the extreme wide legged pants... it's a nice change from the extreme skinny jean!


guildedsecret. said...

gemma your hair is your BEST accessory! gotta love the shot where you've whipped it around... these wide-leg pants are amazing on you. loooooove the light wash color :)


Velvet Rose said...

Love love the bag! *-*