You may remember me mentioning this on twitter before but here is the magazine spread created AND illustrated by the lovely Nicole! AWESOMENESS!!
See Nicole's blog here.


Also I received this artwork today from Neysa Bové. Love the graphical elements!
Thank you so much Nesya!

Check out  Neysa's blog here where there are more amazing illustrations!!


Neysa Bové said...

Hey! thanks for posting it :)very sweet of you :)
<3 -NB

Valery said...

WOW! What a great look,
i really love this post.
Check out my blog please :)
xoxo .

VerseaStyle said...

The are both awesome. The second one is unreal that close up... really looks like you!

the goorgeous said...

great ilustrations! :)

iole said...

loving them...thanks for the tips!!!


Milly. said...

Oh wow, that magazine is the most awesome thing ever...!!
And that illustration too. I'd love to have an illustration of myself but no doubt it wouldn't be as lovely as yours.
Congrats on the spread, I'm going to read it now! :)

Ps. I emailed back, no rush though! x

guildedsecret. said...

marvelous feature! i love learning more about my favorite bloggers :)


Mila said...

Sweety,you totally deserve it all!!!
Amazing illustrations!

Unknown said...

Both sets of illustrations are amazing. I'm going to have to remind myself to check them out.


marloesvanstraaten said...

Oh wow. ♥ I wish someone would make me super duper portraits like that :)

"As pretty as"

Manon said...

I love that artwork! It's beautiful.

ediot said...

its really such nice artwork. i love it a lot!

xx ediot

Anonymous said...

amazing artwork :]
and i like that you put links to their sites.

<3 Krissy

Jess said...

Oh awesome first illustration - it'd probably take forever to make an entire illustrated mag. Kudos to her!

Camilla said...

that last drawing is amazing, it is so you.

and I love the last post!
I was just in nyc, i didnt see you...but that may have been because I was only there for like 30 minutes..oh well :)


Meggstatus said...

So fucking cool.

Anonymous said...

i've seen these on another blog somewehere.... very cool!



Teenage (ariel) Dirtbag said...


MELISSA Z. said...

Great illustrations! wow! <3


sui said...

dang, so awesome! and love the illustration as well. aren't you famous ;)

Amy said...

Just found you blog and I adore it; it is really original and inspiring. The artwork is amazing, I like your look :)

Amber said...

x amber

Maddie said...

wow, amazing and inspiring!

Limitless Fashion said...

That's so cool


Anonymous said...

haha awesome! all your signature looks! <3

Charlotte Elise Jay said...

In love with your blog!

This post is beautiful you are very talented!!

im following and added you to my reel :)

Char x

BrutaLBudget said...

love the last graphic really cool contrasts