Jacket: YSL consignment store
Skirt: Vintage (Beacons)
Socks: cut off tights
Clogs: Juicy Couture (Second hand at Beacons)
Rings: Churoncalla at Artists + Fleas
Bracelets: Mix of H&M/Markets/Vintage
Motorbike Necklace: Camden Market
Nail Polish: Essie MINT CANDIE APPLE
Lipstick: Looks red but is orange A GO GO by Kat Von D

Little bit of late night Shenanigans. Amazing clog find... have to say I'm not really into Juicy Couture in general but these are cute (cheap)!!

And also does anyone else feel the need for some black tape? I sure do!! In love with the style of these shots and the styling is crack!

See whole collection Here.
(photos taken from  Amy Gambacorta )






Amber said...

totally love the look and cool pictures!
x amber

Unknown said...

Knee high socks are a must. I love those things on your legs, I've adopted them as 'thigh cuffs'. And I've definitely seen those shoes around, where you get them, they are absolutely gorgeous.


Charly said...

Totally agree with you these shots rock, and may be investing in some black tape very soon too!



Carmen said...

I love the bracelets!

After seeing those pics, I want to go and get some black tape!


Vertiginoso said...

Mmmh So to be Honest I am widely sceptic about clogs' "Fetish Appeal" BUT Here I really like the way they are in symbiosis with the whole silhouette, while subtly instilling a "bucolic-like" twist on it Dear !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Fashion By He said...

big fan of the high socks!! love the outfit

-He approves


Melly said...

beautiful pics.

Unknown said...

super cute blazer, love that it's ysl!

and those black tape shots are incredible, love the way it looks esp with the zoe boots!

the contemporary ingenue

xoxo E&L

CESILIA said...

i could totally see you in the diy tape. go for it!


Miss Woody said...

love your blog ! gorgeous pictures !

moded'amour said...

i love these photos!!


Daphne said...

I always admire your jewelry-piling. It looks so great on you.
In high school I used to make black tape bracelets and wear about 100 of them up one arm. In your mid twenties, are you still allowed to do that? Because these photos have me missing it....
Uh oh! Don't let Daphne near the DIYs!

No said...

what an interesting idea. and i loove the idea of orange lipstick.

Unknown said...

never would have guessed that those clogs were by Juicy Couture...but I love them...still don't have a pair of my own yet...:/...but love your jacket and skirt very cute!...the black ankle boots in the last pictures are HOT!

Ripped Jeans said...

love that outfit!! and i esp love that ring!!!

Carina Joana said...

WOW, totally love these shots!

pin-upapple said...

I love your pictures and you're so beautiful !

Kiss from France ;)

Chiffon Dreams said...

How do you get the lighting in your photos? I know nothing about photographer, but do you just use like a super flash??

stop by my blogs!

Lexi Colby said...

mazzzin' hahaha i love it

Marie a la Mode said...

I love your clogs and lipstick. And who knew black tape could be so versatile?


marie said...

that tape is perfect...thanks for sharing <3

fashion clocked said...

stunning- love the sharp colours amazing lipstick outfit and clogs! The black tape rocks.xx katie


Anonymous said...

her hair is so boss. I love the idea of her just flipping her hair around infront of her face. It keeps your eye more on the clothes instead of her face. and of course you look cute. love the clogs.

Mila said...

Brilliant post,as always! :)

leflassh. said...

you look awesome!
drooling over all your amazing jewelry.

Bub said...

Saw your ebay war on twittier and congratulations on winning it! very cute find
love what your wearing as usual!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Annachiara Savio said...

wow...super faavolous as always my darling *_*

SabinePsynopsis said...

It's like weight lifting... Black tape = as good as tattoos!

Anonymous said...

Awesome outfit!

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur pics babe! Hope ur well xx

Christina Caradona said...

love the shoot! I would die to had found those clogs. I need to go to this thirft store you talk about..where is it? Im planning on having an adventure photo day in the city Sunday.


Your collection of bangles is stunning as is your bright lipstick!

I KNOW. I kept thinking to myself after seeing Karen, I need to find a way to meet Gemma as well. Unfortunately I was only there for 24 hrs... Darling next time, definitely. Do you work/live in or near the City? That's usually where I stay when I get invited. :)



It worked out that I was in Times Sq. for something else so I told Karen to meet up with us there. Unfortunately it was only for like 15 seconds.. next time, send me your cell on twitter so we can meet up. Would LOVE that! :)


MELISSA Z. said...

Love the fourth pic! Amazing nailpolish and cool bracelets!


Kookie B. said...

you never fail to amaze me! can you please adopt me and hand down your awesome outfits??? please??



Lenine said...

I'm so agree with the other comments!

Anonymous said...

you look hot. loving the excessive jewellery statement as per!! & also LOVING the shoot, dirty.

shoeless simone said...

Amazing pictures, I love the fourth one. The style of your photography and your editing is so cool. That jacket is great too

-Shoeless Simone

michelle_ said...

i love the shoes very much !
and your jewelry is always amazing !

xoxo. michelle
dont forget to enter my Sex and the City 2 Film Set Tour @ NYC giveaway !

The Sydney Girl said...

if i were to be buy clogs, they'd have to be like yours! love them! x

renatsan said...


nice photos......

Rohini said...

Love the skirt! Fab photos. :)

Birgitte said...

Loooooove the pictures!!



Sonum said...

Those juicy clogs are awesome, and I love all of your accessories.

Anonymous said...

is black tape the new body-chain? would be helluvalot cheaper too.

Emm said...



Unknown said...

I just love your outfits - always!

Teenage (ariel) Dirtbag said...

Love all of these photos. love your blog too :)

the goorgeous said...

looove your crogs!