Glasses: Legre
Top: H&M
Belt: TopShop
Leather HighWaisters: Vintage (Label: Lord & Taylor)
Necklace: Vintage (Beacons)
Bracelets: Mix Vintage/H&M
Nail Polish: Essie MINT CANDIE APPLE

So can I just tell you how excited I am about having Friday off from work? AND it's predicted to be a fabulous 71 YES 71 degrees... how awesome is that? Even though I love my job I love a lie-in even more!
So yes these pants, I actually bought them a while ago for $10, if you follow me on twitter you might remember me talking about them... such a score!

So thinking of dying/bleaching the tips of my hair blonde... I have wanted to bleach the whole thing forever but honestly I do not have the guts to do it... but bleaching the tips and having a cool fade out thing going on might look cool. So I'm going for a consultation next week to see what's up!

Also planning on making the sea green clutch this weekend. I have a few designs in mind I just have to decide on one. I'll keep you posted on twitter!

Happy Thursday!
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thehautepursuit said...

YES! leather pants!!! I love all of mine so dearly. there's just something about all that leather against ur skin. BAD ASS!

As for your hair, DO IT! if u've never done it, why not? Hellz...I've had blond hair too! for like 2 years before i went back to brown :)


Valencia Lia said...

Those are real leather pants?!! I'm going to steal them away,too beautiful~ And are they comfy to wear though??

Still loving your green nail color and yayyy as I got the Friday off from work too!

I want to see the sea green clutch oh so soob:)

cat said...

looking stunning as always!!! have a great weekend! xx cat
CiTiEs of B

Andrea said...

I love it!! Every Piece of it!

No said...

ugh! i've been looking for a pair very similar to those forEVER (well it feels that way anyway). But they're too expensive in stores and I can never find a pair in my size. So for now I shall live vicariously through your fantastic purchase :-)

and as for your hair: do it! hair always grows back! i think coloring the ends will look rad (versus an all over bleaching).

Anonymous said...


She Wears, She Shares said...

I love how you pop out your outfits with color here and there. Always anticipating your next look :)

Song of Style said...

Love the leather pants! u look freakin chic!

Lola Candy Hans Harder said...

insane outfit!!

Rock Couture said...

Love the ensemble!

Ring My Bell said...

Ok first: I love the leather trousers (pants for americans) and second: Do not bleach your hair! It's so gorgeous and long and the bleach will turn it to straw (I know this) Just do the ends because at least you could cut them off.... :)

Rock Couture said...

Love the ensemble!

Nia said...

We TOTALLY have the same lipstick obsession. I vote we have a photoshoot when I move to NY this fall!!


x Nia


Anonymous said...

You are rockin' the leather trouser. You look fab. I also like how you mix metals with your jewels. It is very fresh and modern. xo Mish

Unknown said...

Oh man those pants are fucking rad what a great find!! and as for the hair...I say go for it! You only live once

the contemporary ingenue

xoxo E&L

John Bernal said...

I like how high they go, very flattering. Makes it look like you have mile long legs!

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love your outfit. sooo cute.

Unknown said...
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brooke said...

that sounds like an amazing idea for your hair! I think it would look great...

I love having friday off as well, but nothing's open here today! thankfully my asian-owned corner shop is, though... (tangent)

great score with the pants and of course those wedges are amazing!


brooke said...

that sounds like an amazing idea for your hair! I think it would look great...

I love having friday off as well, but nothing's open here today! thankfully my asian-owned corner shop is, though... (tangent)

great score with the pants and of course those wedges are amazing!


by Sutton said...

great find on the pants! i love these photos, and this whole look... as usual!

Lauretha Sudjono said...

i adore your blog. and this leather pants. wowww!

FashionHippieLoves said...

really adore this look!


liana said...

oh those pants...what a score!!
can i just say...excellent nail colour...it goes really well with your bracelet.

soph // and other things said...

Oh I like those trousers. They're a nice change up from the skinny leather pants that are doing the rounds. Can't wait to see the results of your sea green clutch!

Tayler Worrell said...

love the high wasted leather pant. so jealous!! and that necklace is killer, love it!

Behind The Seams said...

amzing look!

Unknown said...

Leather pants just remind me of Buffy hehe

x Josie

the style crusader said...

these are INCREDIBLE! $10?! that is seriously insane. well done, they look fab on on you. xx

Niky Casadei said...

This outfit is really STUNNING.
It rocks.
I love it <3


Anonymous said...

your legs look beautiful in this pants. and about the pants, they've got amazing line.

Mila said...

You look hot,love it!

Diane said...

Hy, thanks for stopping by my blog, I love your, great outfit here! I love the nail polish color, it's all over the place lately! I'll be following you, hope you'll follow back :)

Anonymous said...

the black leather pants yay i want a pair of those, but i haven't found one that pleases enough.. you look awesome xx

Kirsha said...

I love the pants shape and so nice wedges !!!
Do not bleach your hair, now it's fabulous!

of course I'll follow this blog ;))

Luna said...

omg, this out is just simply amazing!
I love the leather pants teamed up with the Jeffrey Campbell wedges, so chic :D

Theory of a fashion victim

Unknown said...

Omg this looks amazing !!!!

Unknown said...

Oh wow.
This is AWESOME - you always have the best outfits!!
Love the leathers, and the shoes :)
Panda x

apparellel said...

love the leather. i just did an amazing diy with a pair of leather pants that i will be posting soon. so psyched. you look fabulous!


Unknown said...

love the shoes love the pants love the whole outfit xxxxxxx

FlashFash said...

You sure can pull off that pants! Nice!


Unknown said...

Holaa! Muchas gracias por tu comentario, es agradable saber que también me leen al otro lado del charco :)

Me encanta tu blog! A partir de ahora te sigo ;)

Y perdón por el idioma, a ver si dentro de poco pueblo hablarte en inglés.

Un saludo!

Kasia W. said...

gorgeous outfit!!
love the trousers!


fashionfamous said...

OMG!!! The shoes it's so faboulus!

¡♥Besitos monosos fashionistas♥!

tdw said...

awesome pictures, i reall like your style, good job !

kisses from France


Couture said...

Fabulous outfit!


Kookie B. said...

those pants are definitely a good find! and i love that they don't look too severe...they actually look like satin trousers from afar. :)


Camilla said...

Looking awesome.
i adore the sketches in the post below, :)



Nemerae said...

OMG that leather is awesome!! an amazing one, great buy! =)

Sandra said...

I totally love your blog! Thank you so much for your comment! I hope you come back soon!!
I'm following!



Someone is a tad too talented for my liking! Im sorry - jealousy is one of my imperfections! Ha!

Love your blog!

Yours Truly


Christina Caradona said...

ooh god! I had those shoes in my hand and my boyfriend kept making these stupid grumpy noises as to NOT get them so I Left empty handed..They look so good. I wish they were on my feet now

Draft of Vintage said...

Rockin outfit- I was going to comment on how much I love your hair now... but bleaching the tips could be cool... decisions about hair are always some of the hardest decisions... good luck!

Every Little Counts said...

those are some seriously awesome pants.

you also have me really lusting after your pink lipstick. love it!

Fashion By He said...

love the pants, you look amazing!! very hot

-He approves

Fashion By He said...

awesome pants!! you look aamzing

-He approves

Fashion By He said...

awesome pants!! you look aamzing

-He approves

sherlyn said...

fabulous wedges! love it
thanks for your sweet comment! :)

sherlyn (sherlynlavenia.blogspot.com)

Nadine said...

well hellooooo gorgeous outfit!
Amazing, it's exactly perfect, wouldn't change a thing.
Love the pants, love it in a leather version!

Sasha B. said...

those pants are freaking amazing!!!

Annachiara Savio said...

wow...loove this pants darling!!! and love you..always!!! You're woonderfull *_*

Carina Joana said...

Omg, so hot!

Anonymous said...

oh wow i love your hair!
and the outfit!
looks amazing (:

Isquisofrenia said...

oh i love your style!
and blog too!
amazing pants and shoes

have a fun weekend

Anna said...

You're looking so fab as always. :) And pretty.

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

those leather trousers are seriously amazing! I NEED A PAIR! haha :)

ooooh the hair sounds gorgeous, good luck with the consultation



Jessica Ly said...

OH.MY.GOD you kill it everytime!Everything about this outfit is perfecto!and you went to UCA?!!small wooorld, I've applied for both fashion journalism and fashion promotion and imaging, which course did you do?

Talon Rose said...

you always have the most amazing jewlery! and i just wanted to let you know, im jealous. the end.

Daniela said...

your hair would look really cool! DO IT DO IT DO IT btw do you curl your hair?! what iron do you use?

De todo y nada said...

I love your bracelets!! ;) (Thank you for comment)


Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

leather pants are usually tight...
the cut of these is better! (and amazing)... you pulled it off so well!

♥ bags of love giveaway | vanilla ice cream ♥

Chomy said...

u lucky lucky lucky girl. I am only lucky with leather everything...shorts, skirts but not the trousers...these look soooo fantastic and so do you. cant wait to see the the new colour debut, gotta cop me one when they premiere. :)

Julie said...

Your jewelerry is simply amazing. it's lovely, especially your rings.


Anonymous said...

those pants are to die for.
love themmmmm

Bijou's Style said...

love this outfit and cant believe you got them for $10


I never have that luck ;/

you should go lighter! I am too for summer :)



Robyn said...

I seriously want one of those sea green leather clutches, btdubs. Also, TEN DOLLARS? Are you kidding me? You lucky duck. They look fantastic! Such a steal.

And definitely go for the bleached tips... maybe bleach it all, and die the tips black so you're REALLY embodying "fade to black"...

Ok that last part was obviously a joke, but seriously, the bleached tips will look sick. Can't wait to see them!


dory said...


FashionJazz said...

Hey babe!! Luving these pants on u!!! U rock! xx

Anonymous said...

fabfabfab! love it!

FrouFrouu said...

GAH those trewsers, I scored some almost identical beauts not long ago.

Yes, yes, let's get together when you're back in the yookay - might you be a londoner?

Carmen said...

Thanks :)
Gosh,your outfit is stunning! I love it. Just like your hair ♥ Wow!

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

woww!! your shoes is incredible!!
i love animal print like that
thanks for your sweet comment
hope you enjoy your day

xoxo nathalie

Clara Campelo said...

amazing look
lovely blog!

ColorHater said...

You look great, but your hair is tdf! :)




Jeans Please! said...

U look so amazing!!!

Unknown said...

WOW those leather pants are stunning..and again dear, you look amazing!!!!

Jessica said...

LOVE those shoes.

Leah said...

I love the shoes and the pants... you look so fierce and fabulous. xoxo

Milly. said...

Ooo so glam missus!
And I'm incredibly jealous of the 71 degrees. I am SO excited to see the clutch.

Hehe you're most welcome for your many comments! I hope you're well too :)

lots of love x

In-tree-gue said...

those pants are such a great fit!
i love how they're slouchy, it really juxtaposes the dominatrixness(i enjoy making up words)attributed to leather pants

In-tree-gue said...

those pants are such a great fit!
i love how they're slouchy, it really juxtaposes the dominatrixness(i enjoy making up words)attributed to leather pants

Sasha B. said...

by the way, i featured you on my blog this week! Thanks for being such an inspiration girl!

Anonymous said...

Your Style is absolutely gorgeous:) Love it..

Dressed4Success said...

OMG...This look is really amazing!!*
lovely pants of leather!!

Visit my last post! >:-)



eesa said...

dangg those pants are nice!+your jewelry+your nail polish

guildedsecret. said...

I AM SPEECHLESS. your leather trousers are making my heart flutter… oh my word – what a dream!!! oh and i think you should go for the blonde tips – why not?


Life At Victoria House said...

Only a few people can pull this look off :) You are definitely one of them!! Looking stunning lady :)
Lovely blog too!! xox

Daphne said...

OK, did I not get back to you yet? Jesus, I've been really horrid about replying to comments this month, but I came to your page a few days ago--I remember seeing you at the Hudson party because actually I was talking about you briefly with two other bloggers I was with! Nothing bad of course, we were just saying we thought we recognized you, and trying to recall what blog you were the mommy of. So, ah ha! I have been on your page many times before, but I'm so glad to have really found you now- have to click that "follow" button before I lose you again!
Oh and LOVE your look so much!
Definitely say hi next time.

Sophie Eleanor B. said...

omg, your wegdes! i love it!

VanilahFashion said...

Yay ill be your 100th comment.
I lovee your shoes and turquoise cuff, in fact i love your whole out fit, as i always do :D
happy easter

Ariela said...

omg, I adore your shoes! Your harem pants are gorgeous as well! Lovely blog!

Madiha said...

Love this post! Just started the blogging business, would love if you checked out my blog too :)



I LOVE your style!! :)


Adrianna Traxler said...

I cant get enough of your outfits....i wish i too own a pair of leather pants like that...they are truly sick


Love the leopard boots.

Ali said...

These are absolutely amazing picture i really love leather pants.

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